Shifter Claimed by A.M. Griffin

Dark Wolf Enterprises


Shifter Claimed

Paranormal Romance

Totally Bound Publishing

The big break Trudy Hollander’s small
accounting firm needs has finally arrived, but unfortunately it comes with
murder, mayhem and Kristof Farkas, a man she just can’t seem to resist. Even
worse, Kristof is the CFO of Dark Wolf Enterprises—the one person who can pull
the plug on the job that will take her company to the next level.
Then there are the assassins who can
jump from three stories up and still be able to run away…
Kristof has no intention of giving in
to his inner wolf and claiming Trudy. She’s human. Too fragile to withstand
being a shifter’s mate. But the need to protect her is stronger than his
resolve, and his desire is more powerful yet. He’ll fight with everything he
has to keep her safe, both from those who would hurt her, and from himself.
     She was going to die. There was a man-wolf killer
outside and a pilot-kidnapper in here.
     Another glance outside and Kristof stood, as a man,
watching her. A naked man. A wonderfully naked man.
     She shook her head.
That’s what he is.
     “Trudy. Open the hatch. I’m coming back up,” he yelled
out to her.
     Was she supposed to let him back in? He hadn’t said
anything about that.
     She chewed on her lower lip, waiting for an answer she
couldn’t think of. If she opened the door, would he attack her? Was he a rabid
beast who couldn’t control himself?
     She shook her head. “No. You said not to open the
     “I meant don’t open the hatch for them.”
     “Since I know your secret, are you going to kill me
     “Don’t be silly. It’s cold out here. Open the hatch.”
     Should I let him back in?
     “Are the pilots still alive?” he asked.
     Her gaze shot back to the cockpit. “Yes. But not for
long,” she yelled, loud enough for the pilots to hear.
     “I’m naked and it’s about thirty degrees out here. Can
you please let me in?”
     “Wh-what about your super-human heating abilities?
Aren’t you supposed to be so hot that’d you’d melt snow?”
     He cocked his head to the side. “This is not some young adult story about Wolf-Shifters and sparkly Vampires. I’m freezing
my ass off.”
     “If he kills me, I’m going to be so pissed,” she
mumbled to herself.
      With the gun trained on the cockpit, she slowly walked
to the hatch. There, she unlocked it and opened the door for him.
     Kristof jumped and grasped the edge of the plane. With
a grunt, he hauled himself up and through the opening. His body was streaked
with blood. He looked…deadly.
     She startled and fell back. She aimed the gun at him.
“Don’t hurt me.”
     “Trudy, darling.”
     She stared at him. “Y-yes.”
     “If you’re going to shoot me, I’d rather you aim for
my head and get it over with quickly.”
     Her gaze followed the path of her aim.
     Aw shit.
     “My other head,” he said softly.
     Trudy dropped her jaw and she stared at him—all of him. He
was big, thick and swinging gloriously in front of her.

About the author:


A.M. Griffin is a wife who rarely cooks, mother of three, dog owner (and sometimes dog owned), a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She’s a hard worker whose two favorite outlets are reading and writing. She enjoys reading everything from mystery novels to historical romances and of course fantasy romance. She is a believer in the unbelievable, open to all possibilities from mermaids in our oceans and seas, angels in the skies and intelligent life forms in distant galaxies.

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Claimed by the Mate Volume 3 by Kate Douglas and A.C. Arthur



CLAIMED BY THE MATE, VOL. 3 by Kate Douglas and A.C. Arthur

E-Original published by Swerve

Publication Date: January 17, 2017

ISBN: 9781250132390

Price: $4.99

Book Description

Kate Douglas and A.C. Arthur return with another scorching volume in their Claimed by the Mate series featuring two delicious, unforgettable novels in one!

In Dangerous Passions, Feral Passions Resort is the place for women to find romance and seduction with a hot, hard werewolf alpha mate. Traker Jakes and Evan Dark of the Trinity Alps pack have yet to find a strong, sexy BBW woman to consume with heady pleasure. But a special woman has arrived at Feral Passions Resort. The one who will burn with passion between these two sexy werewolf shifters. Desire will reach its peak…and the best these three can do is hold on to the sensations that erupt between them.

In Bound to the Wolf, Phelan Sava is a lycan werewolf shifter with a dark side to his soul. He lives for pleasure and revels in pain. But what burns for more than anything is a woman to dominate with his unbridled passion and desperate lust for good. Marena Panos is an attorney with a dark secret that follows her into the mountains and into the bed of a Phelan Sava. And when she is hunted by the feral beast that ravishes her body and claims her soul, Marena has no choice but to give in with no intention of ever looking back.


She entered the cabin and waited while Trak set her clothes on a chair in the main room. Naked and wanting, transfixed by her beauty, he watched her change. She paused by the chair, glanced his way, and then focused on the floor between her front paws. Her body rippled and shimmered beneath the overhead light, flowing like molten metal. Coppery gold and rust red fur gave way to silky honey-toned skin. Her muzzle flattened, her ears lost their points, her bone structure changed, as she gracefully morphed from wolf to woman.

Her long dark hair fell loosely over one shoulder, pooling on the hardwood floor.

Her shift wasn’t as fast as his, but she was still faster than some of the guys in his pack, denoting her alpha status. Oddly, Chelo seemed totally unaware of her own power. He wondered how much she even knew about what she was. Had anyone told her anything at all?

Her shift complete, she stayed on her hands and knees for a moment, blinking into the light. He recognized that momentary disorientation when the body’s senses shifted from the ultrasensitive wolf to their more mundane human abilities. He’d worked at overcoming that, and with a bit of training he imagined Chelo would learn to work through it as seamlessly as she’d shifted her body.

He was doing his best to ignore his erection when he walked over and held out his hand. She raised her head, blinking as if coming out of a sound sleep. Then she smiled, realized what she was looking at, and her pupils flared. She took his hand and he pulled her to her feet.

She was a truly remarkable woman, her body curved in all the right places, full breasts standing proud, broad hips flaring from a narrow waist, her bottom more than a handful but perfectly formed. With her thick, dark hair falling to her waist, she was the epitome of an ancient fertility goddess, an open invitation calling for his touch.

He released her hand, crossed his traitorous arms across his chest, locked his fingers around his elbows. Literally holding himself back from touching her. “Thank you for the run tonight, Chelo.” He kept his voice level, the cadence smooth. At least his alpha strength was good for some things. Staying calm when everything told him to act was an alpha ability he’d rarely had to call on. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to shift and run for the pure joy of it.”

Author Bios

KATE DOUGLAS loves to write and she especially loves those ‘happily ever after’ endings, which makes writing romances the perfect career choice. A life-long Californian, Kate and her husband of over forty years live in the Sonoma County wine country within walking distance of three of their six grandchildren. She is the author of WildIntimate, and Awakened.

A.C. ARTHUR was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland where she currently lives with her husband and three children. An active imagination and a love for reading encouraged her to begin writing in high school and she hasn’t stopped since. Her debut novel Object of His Desire was written when a picture of an Italian villa sparked the idea of an African-American/Italian hero. Determined to bring a new edge to romance, she continues to develop intriguing plots, sensual love scenes, racy characters, and fresh dialogue—thus keeping the readers on their toes!

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#IWSG: Goals 2017


Insecure Writers Support Group Badge

Thanks to Alex for hosting this each month. Here is the complete list of participants.

January has started off great. I’ve added a little over 1000 new words to the short story that I’m turning into a full length. Also, have decided on my theme and  started the posts for this year’s A to Z challenge.

Now for goals that I hope to accomplish this year:

  1. Finish rewriting/revising my vampire series
  2. Finish adapting Town Curse into a full length novel (hope to have this one done in the next couple of months)
  3. Finish writing the first book of the Fantasy series
  4. Finish the first book of the shapeshifter series
  5. Outline some other story ideas I’ve been wanting to write
  6. Get blog posts planned for the year. Have cool ideas I might try this year. I want to add videos and other content like images, maps of the fantasy world(s) I’m creating. More about the game I’m thinking about. The game is back at stage one because I found I didn’t like the idea I had originally. One of the things I’m thinking about doing as far as videos go is posting videos that I’m thinking about creating while I’m playing Lord of The Rings Online. I’ve recently decided to possibly start live streaming while in game and would love to share the videos here for everyone to see. 🙂
  7. Learn a program or a new skill.
  8. Create some podcasts
  9.  Possibly put together an anthology
  10. Interact more than I do right now on social media especially here and my facebook page. 🙂

I know some of these are more doable than others and that’s okay. I hope to get some of them accomplished. It would be nice to get them all accomplished but there’s not enough hours in the day. 🙂

Look forward to your comments. 🙂




#IWSG: Setting goals and writing


Insecure Writers Support Group Badge

Thanks to Alex for hosting this each month. Here is the complete list of participants.

I won NaNo and basically don’t like a lot of what I wrote for the story. So, now it’s on to revising it to get it ready for submission. I have started working on my goals list for 2017. Recently, launched my author services on here. Please check out the page and share it with others. 🙂

Will be adding more new pages in the coming weeks and months. My plan for the rest of December is to post the series of posts I’ve talked about before and to add the first part of a story that is going to be posted on here for all of my lovely followers to read. 🙂

Now, onto December’s IWSG question: In terms of your writing career, where do you see yourself five years from now, and what’s your plan to get there?

I see my writing career and my business thriving whether it’s editing, being a small publisher, or both. 🙂 I have already started part of that plan by launching the author services page on here and am writing or rewriting books to get them ready for publishing.

That’s it for now.

Look forward to your comments. 🙂




Cover Reveal: Argentum by Debbie Manber Kupfer

It’s here – the brand new cover for Argentum!

Created by the always awesome Rachel Bostwick.


And there’s more – I’ll be rereleasing Argentum on December 1st and you can

preorder today.

Argentum is the threat that binds all magic …
The silver of Miri’s cat charm passed on through the generations.
The silver of Jessamyn’s scepter, the source of her illusions.
The silver of Quentin’s scrying bowl, forged by Merlin.
All intertwine in Argentum.

With Alistair gone a measure of peace returns to P.A.W.S., but Miri is tormented by nightmares. The silver charm that had recently hung around Alistair’s neck is now in Miri’s possession and seems to have taken on a life of its own. And then it mysteriously disappears.
Jessamyn seeks help from Quentin, who claims to have repented his past association with Alistair, but can he be trusted?
And what of Jenna? The young girl rescued from Alistair’s pack house holds a terrible secret. One that could determine the future of P.A.W.S.

Coming soon – a brand new paperback. Stay tuned for details.


#IWSG: Favorite aspect of being a writer


Insecure Writers Support Group Badge

Thanks to Alex for hosting this each month. Thank you to this month’s co-hosts: Joylene Nowell Butler, Jen Chandler, Mary Aalgaar, Lisa Buie Collard, Tamara Narayan, Tyrean Martinson, and Christine Rains. Here is the complete list of participants.

NaNo has started and  I’m using it to turn the short story Town Curse into a full length novel. Jumping back into that world and dealing with those characters again after a year or two is so exciting. I am hoping to have the first post of  a few series of posts I plan to do ready to share with everyone this month as well. Enough about that let’s move on to the question posed by IWSG this month. 🙂

What is your favorite aspect of being a writer?

I have to say creating the worlds and characters for my novels and short stories is my favorite aspect of being a writer. To be able to create something that someone else is interested in reading is a lot of fun.

Also, I have to say interacting with readers and followers is right behind it. I love talking with everyone and learning how excited or intrigued they are about something I’m working on.

That’s it for now.

Look forward to your comments. 🙂



Book Blitz: Mâtowak Woman Who Cries by Joylene Nowell Butler

Author Joylene Nowell Butler is on tour this month with MC Book Tours featuring her new novel, Mâtowak Woman Who Cries, being released Nov. 1 by Dancing Lemur Press L.L.C.
You can follow Joylene’s tour schedule HERE for excerpts, Q&As,  chances to win copies of her book and more.
A murder enveloped in pain and mystery…
When Canada’s retired Minister of National Defense, Leland Warner, is murdered in his home, the case is handed to Corporal Danny Killian, an aboriginal man tortured by his wife’s unsolved murder.
The suspect, 60-year-old Sally Warner, still grieves for the loss of her two sons, dead in a suicide/murder eighteen months earlier. Confused and damaged, she sees in Corporal Killian a friend sympathetic to her grief and suffering and wants more than anything to trust him.
Danny finds himself with a difficult choice—indict his prime suspect, the dead minister’s horribly abused wife or find a way to protect her and risk demotion. Or worse, transfer away from the scene of his wife’s murder and the guilt that haunts him…

Chapter 2

A large shadow falls over my desk. I look up to see my boss, RCMP Staff Sergeant Gabriel Lacroix scowl down at me. Lacroix is French. He’s not aboriginal, but his stance, size, dark skin, remind me of our chief on the reservation when I was a kid. A no-nonsense man with little patience for the shenanigans of restless boys.

“There has been a possible murder in College Heights. Dispatch has the particulars. Handle with kid gloves; this one is high priority. I want you to treat the victim’s wife as if she were your own mother. Clear?” His scowl deepens. “And no further involvement in your wife’s case. You wait until they call you. Is that clear, Corporal Killian?”

I nod, and present my yes-of-course-Staff-Sergeant face. Lacroix, neither satisfied nor more perturbed than normal, walks away.

It’s been fifteen weeks since he accepted my transfer in from District, yet, he still only speaks to me when necessary. I’m satisfied with that arrangement. After too many years already spent trying to impress the white establishment, I just go ahead and call Dispatch. I ask them to send the file to my computer, request they page the Forensic Ident members.

An instant later, I click on the link, read: Victim: Leland Warner…a name I recognize…shot to death in his home. Address: College Heights. Shooter: unknown.

I page the rest of my team.

Constable Stan Carrigan texts to say he’s en route. Two seconds later, Constable John Ryan texts. He’s less than a block from the address. Ryan has been at many crime scenes but never without our team.

I call him. “We’ll be there as soon as possible.”

Ryan says, “I’m pulling in the driveway now.”

“Who’s there so far?”

“One patrol car. I don’t recognize the number.”

“Doesn’t matter. As long as it’s not some cherry from Regina, we should be set to go. Page PDS and request their best dog. Take your time. Secure the scene and follow protocol.”

“Gotcha,” Ryan says. “Anything else?”

“No, just follow protocol.” I hang up with him and call Carrigan. “How close are you?”

“I’m passing Costco.”

“Ryan’s there with a patrol cop.”


Last night, the local weatherman had advised no snow until next week when a system in the Pacific was due to hit. Given that, I slip on my parka, leave my outdoor boots behind, and exit the building via the front door. It’s warm enough not to zip the parka.


Mâtowak Woman Who Cries is available in eBook at the following sites:
The print copy is available at: 


When Joylene’s father died in 1983, she wrote her first full–length manuscript to channel her grief. The seven-year process left her hooked and she began Dead Witness within a few weeks of finishing Always Father’s Child. Today Joylene is the author of three suspense novels: Dead Witness, Broken But Not Dead, and the steampunk collaboration Break Time. While she’ll admit being published didn’t fix all the wrongs in her life, she wishes her parents had lived to see her success. Dead Witness was a finalist in the 2012 Global eBook Awards. Broken But Not Dead won the 2012 IPPY Silver Medal and its sequel Mâtowak Woman Who Cries is due for release November 1, 2016.
Joylene lives with her husband and their two cats Marbles and Shasta on beautiful Cluculz Lake in central British Columbia. They spend their winters in Bucerias, Nayarit, Mexico.
For more on Joylene and her writing, visit her website and blog then connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and her Amazon Author Page.


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