Title for new book series

Hi everyone,

I have come up with a title for the new series. It’s called Fur and Fang. Fur and Fang is title of series as well as first book unless I come up with another title for it.  I’m working hard on the new series.

I have a few chapters already written for it. I will post a snippet or two soon. Starting on the new series has helped to rejuvenate my writing. I was struggling with the Blood and Water series at the beginning of the year and struggling with writing in general.

I realized I just needed to start something new and fresh and then go back to the other and look at it. That’s what I have done and I’m starting to get back into the flow of writing everyday again.

Have a good night everyone. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Title for new book series

    1. Hi Tonja,

      Thanks. It is definitely shaping up to be a very interesting series with all the twists and turns my characters are taking right now. 🙂

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