Top Ten Favorite Movies Blog Hop

Another cool blog hop being hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh. This one was fun to do. Can’t wait to see what other people have as their top ten movies. Here are mine. I love all kinds of movies.

Top Ten Favorite Movies:

1.Fast and Furious Franchise

2.The Possession

3.Friday the 13th

4.Red Dawn


6.Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise

7.X-Men Franchise


9.Iron Man Franchise



8 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Movies Blog Hop

    1. Hi, for me it’s the modern ones for Friday the 13th, and Red Dawn. The original for Footloose and I also liked the original Red Dawn but the modern one was better. Iron Man is great.

  1. Following from the Top Ten Movie Countdown Blogfest.

    I haven’t hit a list yet where I have seen every movie on it – Possession, Inception, Watchmen – from your list. Footloose is my favorite movie from your list. I’m like you, though, all over the board when it comes to movies I like. :O)

    1. I agree with you about the movie list. The few I have checked out this morning have movies I haven’t seen yet and movies that I forgot about when I was putting my list together.

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