Monsters on TV


Thanks to Annie , Emma, and Ked for hosting this fun blog hop. The following are my three favorite shows.


My favorite show is SUPERNATURAL. One thing I like about the show is we see anything from angels and demons, vampires and witches. Bloody Mary has even made an appearance as well as evil clowns.  A good site to go to for info on the show is Supernatural Wiki. There have been monsters on the show I had never even heard of like a Wendigo 

to a Shtriga

My next favorite show is True Blood. I love reading the books that the show is based on. The show is great in that it sticks close to the premise of the books.

Grimm is one of my favorites as well.  I love the fact it plays on the fairy tale type of monsters.

I also have other favorites like X-Files, Twilight Zone, and Tales from the Crypt. I haven’t seen The Walking Dead yet but it is on my list of new shows to watch.


4 thoughts on “Monsters on TV

  1. We are just up to Season 8 of Supernatural; now after watching the first 7 seasons one after the other… it has been AWESOME Your right of course, the Wendigo sticks in my mind as truly creepy!

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