The Lizard Man of South Carolina



The links to other blogs can be found at Annie’s page. For today’s  post I decided to write about a monster that is known around South Carolina. It’s the Lizard Man.

The description varies from witness to witness. The Lizard Man is reported to be 7 feet tall with 3 toes on each foot, 3 fingers on each hand. Covered with scaly like skin as well as dark hair all over its body. It is said that it can do damage to a car.  The show Fact or Faked  has even done a segment on it. Whether he is real or not remains to be seen. He’s kind of like Bigfoot maybe we’ll never know for sure if either of them exist but it’s fun to hear about and read about the sightings of either of them.



Sightings have happened all over the midlands and low country of South Carolina for years. One particular area with most sightings is a place called Scape Ore Swamp. Oreswamp




4 thoughts on “The Lizard Man of South Carolina

  1. He sounds like me on a good hair day! So interesting, I always end up hunting around on the web for other peoples sightings etc. This should be cool! Thanks again!
    Here’s my day IV MMM at Design du Jour.

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