May Monster Madness #7


Thanks again to AnnieEmma, and Ked for hosting this very cool and fun blog hop.  Today is the final day of May Monster Madness.

Also, want to add a disclaimer about the photos I have used this week in the posts. They are all either from wikipedia or fanpop.

I figured I would write about the one character that scares me more than most and that is the clown from IT. I read the book and then tried to watch the movie which I couldn’t do. Even to this day I haven’t watched the movie all the way to the end. There is just something about an evil clown and especially the way Stephen King writes the character that truly scares me. I guess that’s the point of the book and movie. The funny thing is that this book is the one that turned me onto reading, watching, and writing horror.

Photo credit wikipedia

6 thoughts on “May Monster Madness #7

  1. Tim Curry does a fantastic job as Pennywise in It. I dislike clowns a lot,they spook me, so Pennywise scares me more than any other incarnation of It in the mini series. I have a curious attitude to Stephen King, I usually prefer the film/TV adaptations to the books, but I do like both the book and the mini series in this case.

    Evil clowns make really, really scary monsters. ;P

    1. I prefer the books a lot of times to the film/tv adaptation. Though there are some adaptations that I really love. The Stephen King movies being on the list as some of my faves. 🙂

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