Indie Block Party #2-WIP Intro


It’s day 2 of the Indie Block Party. It’s been great meeting new people. To check out the list of other writers taking part in this fun little thing go here. Thanks again to our wonderful hosts Fel and Dawna.

We are introducing our WIP today. My WIP is the first book of my new Fae series. It’s titled Dark Fury.

The idea came about for this story while I was working on another series that has to do with shape-shifters and the main character of this series kept popping up wanting me to tell her story. So, I stopped working on that one for a bit and started working on telling her story.

The story is about Jade Riverholm, who is a faerie hunter. She gets an assignment that causes all kinds of chaos for her. Stone is the assignment and she falls for him. Does she give into her feelings or turn him over to her superiors.

Here’s a snippet of it.

Jade knew she should’ve stayed in the bed that morning. Everything that could go wrong did. First, her car wouldn’t start. Then, she got handed a case she didn’t want but no one else would touch it. She sat at her desk staring at the folder in front of her. Stone Westwick was wanted in both the Fae world and the mortal world for all kinds of crimes.

I’m a plotter. I try to make sure I plot all of my stories. Sometimes it doesn’t work and I find myself pantsing especially if I’m really into the story as I’m writing it and I just let it flow out and then go back and set the main plot up.

This project is in the beginning stages. Finishing up plots and character bios. Have part of chapter one written.


14 thoughts on “Indie Block Party #2-WIP Intro

    1. Hi Bianca, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I do try and have character bios done for all my books but sometimes it doesn’t happen and I go with the flow when that happens. 🙂

  1. I’ve done bios for a trilogy that I’ve got brewing is like five years down the line, but can’t seem to do it w/my standalones. Maybe because those characters are easier to keep track of in my head!

    1. I do full bios for the series’ I write. I tend to do smaller less extensive bios for the stand alone books. I agree the characters for stand alone books are easier to keep track of.

  2. Thats interesting this story idea came from working an angle on a different story. I think that happens sometimes, I’ve heard it, and the parts of a series that are most beloved and popular might be the bit that was never the main point at all.
    So run with it. The idea of a faerie hunter… thinking. That has a lot of good possibility. Your tidbit is giving me a bit of a Dresden vibe.

    1. Hi Elaine,
      It has happened to me a couple of times. Sometimes I love it and other times it drives me crazy. I love the Dresden series. That maybe why it has that bit of the Dresden vibe to it. 🙂

  3. Maria Staal

    Nice to read about your WIP, Diane! I am a plotter myself as well, but my characters have been know to ‘take things over’. That was a new experience for me, as in non-fiction that never happens. But I love taking my first steps into fiction! It’s a lot of fun! 🙂

    1. Hi Maria,
      Thanks. I definitely agree with you about the characters taking over. My new characters will sometimes take over when I’m trying to work on another story and I have to stop what I’m working on to just get the idea down if nothing else. It is lots of fun. Good luck with everything. 🙂

    1. Hi Linda, one thing he’s accused of is murder. let me just say he gets her out of a very tight spot and she falls for him because of it. She’s trying decide if it’s love or something else after that happens.

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  5. burnsmillie

    I love the idea of a fairy hunter. I haven’t heard that before! Sounds like this will be a fun story to create!

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