Monthly Archives: September 2013

IWSG and other news


Thanks to Alex for hosting this each month. Here is the complete list of participants.  There is some exciting news about the IWSG that Alex has shared here.

The writing is going great. I’m working on the two stories I talked about last month. I have the one for the Dark Crystal author quest almost ready to submitted. Glad I have a little more time with that one.

The Fairy hunter story is moving along as well. I’ve hit a little snag with the opening scene of it. Trying to get it reworked so I can send my crit partners the first couple of chapters. Hope to be able to do that soon.

Also, have a few exciting things I’m going to be taking part in soon. Will let you know soon what one of those things is. 🙂

One last tidbit of information that is exciting as well. Many of you know that Fel of The Peasants Revolt is redoing the site. She has set up a Facebook event for Sunday September 15th for the reboot of the site and to meet the new team of bloggers that will be working with her on the site. Here is the link for it.

Also, The site is taking requests for book reviews, which can be submitted here and feature requests (interview, cover reveal, guest post, etc) can be submitted here