Fractured Legacy by Skye Callahan Review

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.


Fractured Legacy

Available on Amazon, October 22, 2013.
Fractured LegacyKaylyn Anderson’s fascination with abandoned places and dark creatures kindled her work as a paranormal investigator. But when dreams begin to distort reality, she questions what is real and pulls away from everyone she trusts. The opportunity to investigate the Teague Hotel–a long-abandoned landmark that has always piqued her curiosity–provides a chance to redeem herself. Unraveling the hotel’s secrets won’t be easy, but Kaylyn soon finds herself the target of a dark entity that has been trapped in the building for decades.
If Kaylyn stands any chance of defeating the spirit, she’ll have to accept that her fears are real and convince fellow investigators that she hasn’t lost her mind.
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Skye’s book is amazing. I couldn’t put it down. We are introduced to Kaylyn and Jonah along with other characters like Kaylyn’s sister Cole.  Jonah has a strong need to protect Kaylyn but at the same time is infuriated with her. Kaylyn is one of those people that doesn’t go looking for trouble but it seems to find her anyway.  Their interactions with each other and Kaylyn’s penchant for getting into tight posts makes for a very entertaining read.

My favorite lines in the book are:

“His job is to be a condescending jackass in suit pants? Who does he think he is? He’s barely older than me. And his last name is Troyer. He must be Nathan Troyer’s son. ” Kaylyn’s rant after meeting her new boss Jonah.

“I’m guessing you’d like to return to my office to continue your rant.”  Jonah’s reply to her after hearing everything she just said.

These two lines for me set up the type of relationship they’re going to have throughout the rest of the book.

I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to read paranormal stories. I know I can’t wait to read the second book in the series.

About the Author: Skye Callahan

Skye Callahan was born and raised in Ohio and has seen enough unbelievable stuff to feed a lifetime of paranormal stories. When not writing or working at the dayjob, she hangs out with her ethnomusicologist husband and pet ferrets, reads, and takes long walks through the cemetery.
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  2. terrie61

    I liked both of your favorite lines above. Especially the first one about Jonah being “…a jackass in suit pants”. I also love savager hunts. Thank you.

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