Murder, Madness, and Love by Yolanda Renee Review

Disclaimer: I own this book.

Murder, Madness, and Love


Sunlight blazes on an empty canvas.

Arctic winds gather snowflakes on a frosty window ledge as a statuesque form appears. She moves past a table littered with papers. Headlines splash news of murder, but it’s the photo of another young woman with features mirroring her own that draws her attention.

A different headline peeks from underneath the Anchorage Times.

Wealthy Businessman Dies in Car Crash … BLACK WIDOW SUSPECTED!

Graphic images swirl through her head and a tear rolls down her cheek. She drifts toward an easel and a trembling hand dips a sable brush into a palette of paint.

The Westminster doorbell chimes. The brush slips and blood-red paint stains the floor.

Detective Steven Quaid waits. His Tlingit, Indian features carved from granite, mask his Irish passion …

Will he arrest her this time?

All fingers point to her guilt.

But, is she guilty of this cunning plot? Or, just a victim of circumstantial evidence?

The door opens …

His eyes lock on hers …

His heart races …

Hers skips a beat.

Now to my review. I couldn’t put it down. It was well-written. The plot was interesting. We are introduced to Steven and Sarah.  Steven is a detective who meets Sarah because of an investigation he is involved in. Sarah is the widow of the victim.  We are taken along with them as they explore their relationship and deal with the obstacles that are thrown their way. It has all the suspense a good mystery novel is supposed to have.

I love reading a good mystery novel. It was a good change from what I normally read which is fantasy, horror, and paranormal. I would highly recommend it to others.


Author Bio

I really wanted to be a drummer, or a race car driver. Obviously I’m neither, but they are on my bucket list, that and owning my very own fire breathing dragon!

I’ve always loved books and it was through books that I escaped and experienced all the things I’d only been able to dream about – through the stories, the characters, and the places created by talented authors. From Caroline Keene, Judy Bolton, Agatha Christie, Harold Robbins, Danielle Steele, and my all time favorite Stephen King. Now I read K J Larsen , Jennifer Hillier, Joanie McDonell, Maryann Miller, J D Robb, well, pretty much everyone and anyone who gets their words in front of me! I LOVE BOOKS!

I’ve always been a writer, always loved making things up – a crazy imagination is a good thing – or is it just being crazy?

You decide!

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2 thoughts on “Murder, Madness, and Love by Yolanda Renee Review

  1. Diane, thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the books, and it’s so awesome that you read them one after the other. Extra special to see your review posted on your blog, that means the world! Thank you for your support!

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