The Serendipitous Curse by Aiden James and Lisa Collicutt Review

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

The Serendipitous Curse

The Serendipitous Curse: Reborn, by Aiden James & Lisa Collicutt

In the heart of Savannah Georgia, lies Solomon Brandt Plantation, a spanking piece of suburban sprawl with a sordid past. When an amnesiac bearing this cursed name stumbles into town, he’s immediately drawn to the haunted antebellum, and also to a Hoodoo practitioner who converses with spirits, and her gorgeous green-eyed niece. Desiree McClinton, a descendent of the Brandt slaves, sparks emotions in Solomon, the likes of which he’s never known. But curses run deep, and Solomon’s crippling nightmares, seeping into real life, soon threaten their budding love. Will Solomon be able to save Desiree from the evil that has followed him through time? Can a tainted soul truly be redeemed?

 Great book. I couldn’t put it down. Aiden James teams with Lisa Collicutt on this one. We are introduced to Solomon and Desiree. They cross paths while Solomon is trying to figure out who he is. They start a relationship that finds them fighting to stay alive. He wants to protect her while she doesn’t want to believe the things she saw are real. Anyone who loves reading books that involve demons, ghosts, and witches will enjoy this one. 

Author Bios

As an author fascinated by Gothic history and the supernatural, I have presently authored twenty-four books with many more to follow, including a brand new witch and warlock series set in the Deep South (coming in 2014). I reside in a small, quaint town in Tennessee with my wife, Fiona.

Fiona and I have been avid researchers of all things paranormal for nearly twenty years. To that end, we still spend time investigating haunted locales throughout the Deep South.

To learn more about me and my latest books, please visit my website:



Lisa Collicutt

Lisa likes to write dark and twisted tales of magic and romance. She has a passion for Young Adult and New Adult Paranormal.

When she’s not conjuring tales about witches, demons, and other magical beings, she can be found leathered, and bound to the back of her husband’s Harley, touring her homeland of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Enter Lisa’s imagination where light ends and fantasy begins. But heed these warnings . . . it’s dark, it’s magical, you may experience tingles.

Her site is located here.

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