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#AtoZChallenge: Angels



This is my first year participating in the A to Z Challenge. The list of participants can be found here. Thanks to Arlee Bird and the co-hosts for hosting this awesome challenge. Check out the site here.

I’m also participating in a mini-hop that got started on theme reveal day when a few of us realized we had similar themes.  It’s called Supernatural A to Z. Click below to check out the list of participants.  🙂

Now onto the topic of the day and that is Angels. What we know about them comes from many different religions. People are taught to believe that they are good and watch over us. Angels have a hierarchy system for lack of a better term. We have Archangels, Nephilim, and Seraphs to list just a few.

Nephilim are the offspring of humans and angels.  Archangels are angels with high rank. The four that are talked about are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Lucifer. Lucifer is considered to be a Archangel even though he is a fallen angel. Seraphs are a higher class of angel. They rank above normal angels in the hierarchy.

My favorite fictional angels are or were on my favorite tv show Supernatural. They are ranked below.  I like the actors who portray them.

1. Castiel

2. Balthazar

3. Gabriel

The three angels are my favorites because of the actors who portray or has portrayed them. If you’re a fan of the show then you know what I’m talking about. 1 is still part of the show. 2 and 3 were killed during seasons and 5 and 6. I must admit I kinda wanted to add Lucifer to the list as number 4 and as with the others it has to do with the actor who portrayed him.



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