#AtoZChallenge: Banshees


The list of participants can be found here. Thanks to Arlee Bird and the co-hosts for hosting this awesome challenge. Check out the site here.

I’m also participating in a mini-hop that got started on theme reveal day when a few of us realized we had similar themes. It’s called Supernatural A to Z. Click below to check out the list of participants. 🙂

 Day 2 is upon us and what will be the topic of the day I wonder. How about Banshees.  They are considered death omens.  They can be heard keening when someone is about to or has died. It’s the way they mourn the loss. The lore begins that they were Fairy women. They are believed to be Sidhe.  They can appear in many guises but mostly are seen as hags.  They have been featured on many different tv shows such as Charmed. I believe in one of the episode one of the sisters was changing into one.  In Marvel Comics Banshee is the code name for Sean Cassidy.

File:Phoebe Banshee.png




25 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: Banshees

  1. The banshee seems like she must be a very sad being, only able to mourn those about to die or who have died. Of course there is the question as to what she might be up to when no one is about to pop their clogs… You have to wonder if she helps some along so she has something to do…
    I don’t think I’ve seen that ep of Charmed, I shall have to watch for repeats.
    Tasha’s Thinkings

  2. Banshees always really freaked me out for some reason…I don’t know where I got the image, but I always picture them as incredibly beautiful women who look very pleasant until suddenly they open a too-wide mouth full of razor-sharp teeth and just start SHRIEKING bloody murder. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it. o.o

    1. They are seen as beautiful women in some locations but mostly they’re seen as hags. It’s said they can be seen as many different things including animals. I don’t like them either.

    1. I have to agree. I wouldn’t want it to be me that had to do that. One of my books involves the Sidhe and other types of creatures. I love writing about the Fae.

    1. That’s an interesting question. I don’t know why that is. Everything I found when I researching them for the post kept referring to them as hags but there was no real explanation as to why.

  3. If I was a mythological creature, I’d probably be a banshee. I’m noisy, I’m old and apparently I’m loud. Wait. That sounds a lot like Roseanne Barr. Was she a banshee?

  4. Banshees have the raw end of the deal. Someone should write a story giving them a new purpose behind the myth … show them a little love. 😉

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