Rex’d by J.B. Skelter and Jack Reher Review

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.



MONDAYS. Oh, the horror. Going back to school after a nice weekend. Homework. Tests. Gym class. It’s even worse for Rex Gerard, the “new kid” at Scholomance High. Making friends, navigating the rough halls, avoiding trouble…

But on this particular Monday, it’s also Halloween. Rex’s favorite holiday. It was his mom’s too before she passed away. And today, Rex will learn exactly how she died and what his purpose is in this life as he unlocks the hair-raising mysteries and lurking monsters of Scholomance.

But is he… is ANYONE… ready?


This is a great book. I couldn’t put it down. It has some great twists and turns. I love the characters that have been created. It’s a really enjoyable read. It’s a not so typical day in school for Rex and his friends. Rex is trying to find out some things about his family and what he finds out is that his family isn’t normal or at least normal by human standards. You need to add it to your TBR list.


J.B. Skelter is an author, high school teacher, and all-around good guy. He has written two other novels under an alternate identity, but his real name remains a closely guarded secret. Skelter lives in a ghost town somewhere in Colorado with his wife, two kids, and pet pig. Find out more about him here.

Jack Reher is a screenwriter that wrote the film Endangered starring Billy Bob Thornton & James Marsden. He recently adapted Jon Bassoff’s acclaimed novel Corrosion for the screen that Mike Macari (The Ring, The Ring Two) is producing. Currently, he’s adapting IDW Publishing’s upcoming comic book The Shunned One created by Alan Robert for the screen. Find out more about him here.

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TBR: August  2014



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