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#IWSG: My Writing Process and Tools


Thanks to Alex for hosting this each month. Here is the complete list of participants. Thank you to this month’s co-hosts: Kristin Smith, Elsie, Suzanne Furness, and Fundy Blue.

Today celebrates the one year anniversary of the IWSG website as well. Also, coming soon will be The Insecure Writers Support Group Guide to Publishing and Beyond Anthology.

I decided today’s post would be a little different. I want to talk about my writing process and the tools I use to create my games, novels, and screenplays.

My Writing Process:

When I get an idea for a new story I decide whether or not it’s going to be a series or a stand alone. If it’s going to be a series I create a series bible (3 ring binder) for it and I also create a file in scrivener. I include the following sections in the binder:

  • Blurb (Synopsis)
  • Character Sketches
  • Languages (If it’s a Fantasy)
  • Magic System (Again if it’s a Fantasy)
  • Outline
  • People (Races, Classes, etc) ( I include in this section the types of monster/creature as well (i.e., vampires, werewolves)
  • Plot
  • Research
  • Setting
  • Timeline
  • Transportation
  • Weapons

My Writing Tools:

  • Scrivener (I use it to write the rough drafts of my stories. I do some editing in the program)
  • Word (I use word for editing the stories. It has features like track changes that I love to use) (Also, when I’m in editing and revision mode I’ll print a copy out and use pens, pencils, highlighters, and sticky notes)
  • Excel ( I use excel to create timelines and editorial calendars and maps)
  • Movie Magic Screenwriter (This one I use to write screenplays, comics, and graphic novels)
  • Campaign Cartographer 3 (This is a great program to use to world build. I use it to create the maps for all of the stories)
  • Freemind ( This is a great free program to use for mind mapping.)

The program Scapple is a really good mind map program. Aeon Timeline is a good timeline. I have tried the free trials of both programs and plan to buy them in the future.

Tools for the games:

  • Unity (Game Design software)
  • UDK (Game Design software)
  • Daz Studio (Game Design software)
  • Inkscape (Use this to draw the characters and other images)
  • Gimp (Use this to draw the characters, covers, etc for the stories)

That’s all for now. Hope you find these lists enlightening and helpful. Feel free to comment. Would love to hear from you about your process, the tools you use, and other things you find useful in your own writing.