#BookBlogWriMo-#Top10Tuesday- Most Popular Posts

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Thanks to bookbumblings for hosting this awesome blog hop.  So, today’s post is about my most popular posts. Here the 10 posts that seemed to be the most popular.

  1. Almost Married by Roe Valentine Review– The book was a great read. It wasn’t one I normally read and I found that I really enjoyed reading it.
  2. Retribution (The Artemis Series #1) by Virgina Brasch Review– Another great book. The story was great. It would appeal to those readers who love romantic suspense.
  3. The Gateway Through Which They Came by Heather Marie Review– This one was a debut novel. I enjoyed reading it.
  4. #AtoZChallenge: Angels– This post was the first one in the month long A to Z challenge that happens every April. It was my first year to participate and I was really surprised how well it did. I will be doing the challenge again in 2015 and have already started working on a theme for it.
  5. Five-Out of The Dark by Holli Anderson Review– Loved this book. Holli is one of my favorite authors. I think other readers will really enjoy the series.
  6. #AtoZreveal: Theme Reveal– This one takes place a few weeks before the A to Z challenge starts. Bloggers are welcome to join the hop and reveal their theme for the challenge in April.
  7. Insecure Writer’s Support Group– This is a blog hop I participate in every month. I believe this one was one of the first ones I did when I started participating.
  8. Fractured Legacy by Skye Callahan Review-Skye is one of my authors. This is a paranormal novel. The characters she has created are great. I really enjoyed reading it. I have since read several more of her books.
  9. #AtoZChallenge:Dragons– This one is a post for the A to Z challenge. It was really interesting to find out how many people really like dragons.
  10. #AtoZChallenge:Fairies– This one was a post for the challenge as well. My theme was supernatural creatures. I love Fairies and decided to write about them. It was again really interesting to find out how many people like fairies as well.





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