#BookBlogWriMo-Favorite and Least Favorite Book Blogging Things

bookblogwrimo banner

Thanks to bookbumblings for hosting this awesome blog hop.  So, today’s post is about my favorite and least favorite book blogging things. Wow, that’s an easy one. Here’s my list.

Favorite things:

  • Blog hops– Like BookBlogWriMo. Love the idea of sharing things about the blog with everyone.  Thanks to Brittany over at bookbumblings for coming up with the great idea.  Also, for me it’s the Insecure Writer’s Support Group monthly post that I love being involved in. There’s the A to Z challenge every year in April as well. I’m already working on my theme for that one.
  • The Books– I love being able to share new books and new authors with everyone.
  • Meeting new people– This goes along with the blog hops. I love meeting new people when I participate in the blog hops/tours. 

Least Favorite things:

  • For me there is really only one thing that is my least favorite thing is how time consuming it can seem to be at different times. It’s fun to blog but sometimes I feel like there’s not enough hours in the day to get the updates done, work on my writing, and do other things. So, I’ve learned to stagger getting things schedules over a period of days so I’m not sitting in front of my laptop for hours updating things.





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