#BookBlogWriMo-Authors You’re Thankful For

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Thanks to bookbumblings for hosting this awesome blog hop.  So, today’s post is about authors I’m thankful for. Well, this one is little harder than I thought it would be at first. I’ve read so many books over the years and have lots of favorite authors for different reasons. I decided to make a top ten list of some of them and why I’m thankful for them.

The List:

  1. J.R.R. Tolkien- Introduced me to epic fantasy and Middle Earth. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings books are my favorite to read. I have them on my bookshelf. They are ones that I will go back from time to time and read again. The first time I read the books I knew I wanted to write fantasy whether it be epic or urban.
  2. J.K. Rowling- Introduced me to the world of Harry Potter and wizards. The series led me to realize that writing YA is fun to do.
  3. Laurell K. Hamilton- showed me that writing about a human that’s involved with a vampire and has friends that are wolves, tigers, and other assorted shifters is cool.
  4. Sherrilyn Kenyon- Introduced me to a series that involves gods, goddesses, and other immortals. Her Dark Hunter series has a lot of different types of characters. Some are gods and goddesses. Others are shapeshifters. Some are protectors of the human race and are immortal.
  5. Janet Evanovich- Her series is about a female bounty hunter who is not a typical bounty hunter. She gets into more tight spots than most people. She has to be bailed out of them often. This series is one that is fun to read. There is comedy among other things.
  6. V.C. Andrews- Introduced me to reading a series. Her series about the Dollanganger family is one of the very first series I ever read. I’ve loved dark books ever since.
  7. Jim Butcher- I love the Dresden Files. His books introduced me to urban fantasy.
  8. Charlaine Harris- The Sookie Stackhouse series. Her books are set in the south and I love that because I’m from the south. It was a great series.
  9. Suzanne Collins- The Hunger Games series. This series introduced me to books that have a dystopian plot.
  10. Stephenie Meyer- I love the Twilight series. Even though Edward sparkles in the sunlight. I love the series for other reasons like the wolves. Stephenie has allowed the Twilight story to continue by allowing female independent filmmakers and writers to pick a character like Emmett Cullen and tell their story in a short film. I’m entering the contest as a writer and will be writing screenplay about Emmett. Here is the link to find out more about it. Storytellers

Hope you like my list. Happy Thanksgiving!





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