Introducing Cody Lyons (vampire from Blood and Water series)

Hi everyone. Cody is one of the vampires from my Blood and Water series. He decided that it was that everyone met him and learned a little about him and his family. So, I set up an interview for him to answer some questions for you. After the interview was over, he has decided to post updates every few weeks. So you’ll be seeing a lot from him and the others in the coming weeks. Here are his answers. 🙂

What was your life like growing up? It was great. I had everything I could possibly want. My parents were the greatest. Anything my sister or I wanted we got. I guess you could say we were spoiled. 

How would you describe your personality? That’s a good question. I’m outgoing. Loyal to my family and friends. I will protect them at all costs. I can be a bit sarcastic at times. 

Who are your closest friends? My closest friends are the ones in our family, clan, coven whatever you want to call it. 

Who do you love? Her name is Elizabeth. I met her under circumstances I wish I could go back and change. It was a wrong place, wrong time type of thing. 

Who do you hate, and why? It’s another vampire named Erik. There is a long history of hatred between him and my whole family especially my sister. They used to be together and then he broke her heart. 

What do you think is going to happen next? Oh, I know what’s going to happen next but I can’t talk about it here because you have me under a gag order. But, I can tell you this if you thought writing the first book was fun wait until you start work on book two. 

Thanks for taking time to do this. Is there anything else you would like the readers to know before we end the interview.

Yes, stay tuned for the posts I’ll be doing each month. I’ll be throwing out little snippets and stories here and there among other fun things.






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