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Nero’s Fiddle by A.W. Exley Review

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.


One… death by spontaneous human combustion is a rare act of God

Two… is surely a freakish coincidence

Three… well, that’s starting to look deliberate.

Cara has a new role as Queen Victoria’s artifact hunter, she’s adapting to married life and living in a country manor that more closely resembles a mausoleum.

In London, Inspector Fraser investigates a series of strange deaths by divine fire – except he doesn’t believe in coincidences. Despite himself, he enlists Cara’s help to identify what artifact could cause such a hideous death while his desire to bring her husband to justice burns unabated.

Someone’s intent on making sure a decades old secret stays hidden and Cara must figure out who is responsible before this case consumes her family and rocks the entire realm to its foundations.


My Review:

Great book. I couldn’t put it down. Love the characters and the world that have been created. There are some great twists and turns that will keep the reader turning the page. This is one to add to your TBR list you won’t be disappointed. I look forward to reading more of A.W.’s books.

About the Author:

I am a writer living in rural New Zealand, surrounded by horses and homicidal chickens. I am a bona fide corset wearing, sidesaddle riding freak. Which probably explains my fascination for historical novels 🙂

I love to blend steampunk adventures with an Egyptian twist and turn up the heat. Look for my best Amazon selling adult steampunk series The Artifact Hunters and the new YA novel Obsidian Eyes. In 2015 I will be releasing the paranormal romance The Quarry.

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