#AtoZChallenge: Zaragamba, Zirak-Zigil

Zaragamba is the name of the original Hobbit family from the Eastfarthing. They are heredity Thains of the Shire. They passed it the office to the Took clan and removed the strip of land between the Baranduin and the Old Forest. It has been translated from the Red book as Oldbuck. Zirik-Zigil is the dwarvish …

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#AtoZChallenge: Quenta Silmarillion, Quenya

Quenta Silmarillion 'History of the Silmarils'  is the title of a collection of works that consist of older works that have been put together and edited throughout the years by many different people. It forms the core of The Silmarillion. It is arranged chronologically. I enjoyed reading The Silmarillion. I will admit it did take …

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