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#AtoZchallenge: Bilbo Baggins

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 Bilbo is one of my favorite characters from The Hobbit. He’s no ordinary hobbit. He went on an adventure that changed him and he knew it would. I wonder what Bilbo would like or believe was important to him. So, here it is in his own words.

Hi everyone Bilbo here.  I would have done a list but I don’t think all the letters would have something filled in. So, I think I’ll just tell a story instead of what or who is important to me. Family is the first and most important thing to me.  For me, it would be my parents Belladonna and Bungo Baggins. Then there’s Frodo. I have loved every minute that I was able to raise him.  He helped me in a lot of ways to move past what I experienced on my little adventure. 

Gandalf would be next. For a wizard he wasn’t a bad person to have as a friend even if he did seem to talk in riddles.  Each of the dwarves mean something to me in different ways. For most of them it would be their personalities and the way they view life. I could list each one of them here but I won’t. 

There are many more people and even some places that are important to me but that’s something for another day. Let’s just say I love the people and locations of Middle-Earth. I couldn’t see living anywhere else. Have a good day. 


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