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#AtoZChallenge: Dale, Dori, Dwalin

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Credit Lotr wikia

The city of Dale is located to the south of the lonely mountain. It was on the River Running between Erebor and the Long Lake. The city was burned when the dragon attacked Erebor leaving a shell of what once was a thriving city. The people fled to Laketown.



Credit Lotr wikia

Dori is one of the thirteen dwarves to go on a quest to take back Erebor (the lonely mountain). His two brothers Nori and Ori went with him. He and his brothers are distant relatives to Thorin.

Credit Lotr Wikia

Dwalin is younger brother to Balin. Both of them went on the quest to reclaim Erebor from the dragon. He was born after Smaug took Erebor. He was raised Ered Luin. He was one of the last remaining members of Thorin’s Company to still be in Erebor when Frodo Baggins went on his own little journey. Some of the others had either died in the battle of the five armies or later in other locations while fighting.

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