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#AtoZChallenge: Elrond, Erebor, Eagles

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The eagles were another of my favorites. They might not have been seen a lot but when they were it turned the tide of the situation going at the time. I have another reason to be fond of the birds and their first king Thorondor. The reason is highlighted in the topic for the letter L. Sorry, you’ll have to check out L to see what it is. 🙂

Lord Elrond is one of my favorites as far as the elves go. There is basically nothing that he doesn’t know. He was a great leader among his people. One thing I liked about Elrond was that he would advise someone on something but not try to stop them from doing what they had set out to do no matter the outcome would be.

Erebor (The Lonely Mountain) is the home of Durin’s folk. It was actually reclaimed twice. The first time was by Thror (Thorin’s grandfather) after it had been abandoned. The second time was after Smaug had attacked and claimed it. Thorin and his company took it back from Smaug. Thorin never got to rule as King because he was killed in battle shortly after reclaiming the mountain.

Look forward to reading your comments on which of these are your favorite. 🙂


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