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#AtoZChallenge: Lord of The Rings Online

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Initially I was going to talk about Legolas, The Lonely Mountain, and Laketown in this post but I decided to talk about the game instead. I love playing LOTRO. It is a fun game. I’ve done quests for characters like Aragorn, Dwalin, and Gandalf. You can get deeds as well. I have 16 toons that I play in the game. You can join kinships as well. If you want to check out the game click here. You can also play the game through the steam app which is what I do. There are two ways to play: (1) subscription, and (2) free to play. I play for free. You can earn turbine points which you spend on things in the store. Here is another site I really like. It’s ran by players for other players click here. Also, my profile pic for the blog is a pic of my toon Nimgalliel. My toons are on the following servers:

Meneldor:(Kinship-Eagles of Thorondor)

  • Nimgalliel- Elf Guardian (main toon)
  • Catla- Hobbit Burglar
  • Nimenith-Human Guardian
  • Saeldyn-Human Captain
  • Thraingrim-Dwarf Guardian
  • KulKurz-Orc Reaver( played on monster play side of game)

Brandywine:(Kinship- Bard of the Minyarin)

  • Athawen- Elf Hunter (main toon on this server)
  • Hulalion-Elf Champion
  • Waldeya-Human Guardian
  • Wanleif-Dwarf Hunter
  • Thrortha-Hobbit Burglar

Arkenstone:(Kinship-Legion of the White Wizard)

  • Nashilwe- Elf Hunter (main toon on this server)
  • Nurvowe- Elf Champion
  • Throstif- Dwarf Champion
  • Fefra- Hobbit Hunter
  • Hardara- Human Captain

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