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#AtoZChallenge: Nori, Narsil

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Nori is the middle brother. Older brother is Dori and younger brother is Ori. Known to be a thief. He went on the quest with Thorin as did his brothers. Interesting little fact about Jed Brophy the actor who played him. He was also in LOTR: Two Towers as Sharku/Snaga, and LOTR: Return of the King as an orc.

Narsil ‘Red-and-White-Flame’. It is the sword of Elendil. One of the best known weapons in Middle-Earth. The first time we see it in LOTR is when the hobbits have made it to Rivendell with Aragorn. Boromir is looking around and sees it on display. It is in pieces. The next time we see is when Lord Elrond has it remade and gives it to Aragorn before one of the wars. The sword is dwarven made by dwarf-smith named Telchar who was from Nogrod.

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