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#AtoZChallenge: Radagast, Ringwraiths, Rivendell

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Radagast the Brown was one of my favorite characters. He felt his responsibility as a wizard were to the beasts and birds of Middle-Earth. No matter how weird people might have thought he was he still got the job done when he was needed.

Ringwraiths is another term for the Nazgûl. It was the name used by those who were considered as enemies of Sauron. The wraiths were the nine mortal men who had rings. They were undead creatures.

Rivendell is one of my favorite places in Middle-Earth. It’s located in a valley near the Misty Mountains. There is a waterfall. The Last Homely House is great. From what we know from Bilbo, Frodo, and others including Lord Elrond it seems to be so peaceful there. People hesitate to leave. I can see why it’s considered a place where people can seek refuge. I could live there. 🙂

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