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#AtoZChallenge: Undying Lands, Uruk-hai

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Undying Lands is another name that Elves and men gave to Aman. It is known to be the blessed realm in the ancient west of Arda.  It was set aside as a home for the Valar and Maiar. It was later shared with the Elves who completed the Great Journey. It has been told that the lands are home to immortals.

Uruk-hai are a unique breed of Orc. They were given the name by Sauron. They were a line of Orc that was bred in secret by Sauron in Mordor. Enemies believed they were a cross of orc and man. A number of them served Saruman as well in the army of Isengard.  One of the things about them is because of their superiority in certain areas they were able to travel in the daytime and cover many miles.

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