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#AtoZChallenge: Wargs, White Tree

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Wargs is a Northern Mannish name given to wolves. It’s used to refer to the werewolves  of Middle-Earth that appeared during the First Age.  They only took real shape after dark. Like the Orcs they were afraid of Sunlight but as we know that some Orcs could walk in the sunlight.

White Tree is the chief symbol of Gondor. The tree was a direct descendant of Telperion, Eldest of Trees, by way of Galathilion (tree of the High Elves), Celeborn (tree of the Eressëa) and Nimloth of Númenor. It blossomed often, but only occasionally produced fruit. That seed would be taken and planted elsewhere. It was feared that if the tree dead then the line of Telperion would be lost forever. The tree at Gondor was burned during an attack and the dead tree was left in place because a seed couldn’t be found. Then it was replaced when Aragorn took the crown. A sapling was found in a high place above Minas Tirith and the dead tree was replaced with it. It grew and blossomed almost immediately and was a thing of beauty and grace during the age that followed.

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