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Welcome to the next post in my Hobbit/LOTR series. Have you ever had one of those authors that you just love to read their books over and over. Tolkien is that author for me. I read The Hobbit as a child and I didn’t get the chance to read The Lord of The Rings until I got to high school. The one thing I remember about them was that they were awesome. I was reintroduced to the books again as an adult. I hadn’t thought much about the books until the first movie had been released and will admit the only one I have seen in the movie theater is The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies. I started writing Fantasy when I became of fan. I love the world and the characters he created. This year I’m working on my first epic fantasy novel which seems to be turning into a series as I do my research and outlining. More about it later. 🙂

A friend has the extended editions of the movies and she introduced me to Tolkien again. I remember watching Fellowship and thinking wow I really need to read the books again and now I read them once a year and I watch the movies at least twice a year. I have the extended editions of all the movies except the last one and am waiting patiently for it to be released later this year. 🙂

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Hope you enjoyed this. Look forward to reading your comments. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Tolkien….

  1. I’m not quite the Tolkien fan that you are, but there is something really compelling about Middle Earth and its denizens. I’ve really enjoyed Peter Jackson’s interpretations as well. I’m anxious to get my extended edition of the Hobbit and wallow in it for a weekend.

    1. Yes there is. That’s me. I’m anxious to get mine as well. I heard it will more than likely be released in early Nov. if you by the extended edition release dates of the previous ones. So only a few months to go. 🙂

    1. Hi Debbie, thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean. There are other authors that I would love to read but I just can’t get into their books for some reason or another. 🙂

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