Small Update….

Hi everyone,

I wanted to post the next Hobbit/LOTR post today but am still working on it. If I can the family tree finished up for Durin’s Folk by tonight I will post tomorrow so wish me luck. I’m finishing up some of the character and story posts I’ve promised to share and they should go live next week. 🙂

The epic fantasy story keeps growing and I’m trying to get it under control. lol

Some cool news the short story I’ve been talking about should be published in late summer. Once I have an actual date I will post it here. The next piece of cool news is I’ve written a guest post for a fellow author’s blog. Thanks Tiger Hebert. I had fun writing the piece. It’s called Writing  a Series. It went live today. Check it out. 🙂

That’s it for now. Look forward to your comments.


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