A Cool Tolkien Site and an Apology…

12 Aug

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that the google form link has been fixed. So sorry about that. Didn’t know it was broken. 😦

Now onto the other reason for this little interruption. I found really cool site a couple of weeks called Mythgard Institute.  It has classes you can sign up (you have to pay for them), and there are also other things on there that are free to view and listen to. I started watching the videos the teacher put up that talks about Lord of The Rings. There are also videos discussing The Hobbit and other Tolkien items.  There is a section about Lord of The Rings Online as well. They have a kinship on one of the servers on LOTRO and post videos about the game.  There is a youtube series that has started up recently called Middle-earth lore. Players in the game are telling the story of different places in Middle-earth. They tell the story by taking you on a tour in the game. Here is the first video.

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