LOTRO Poems- Part 1

This is a poem that has several sections to it. I wrote it originally with another character for a game in mind but that changed. I decided to change the character’s name to Nimgalliel. She is my toon from the game Lord of The Rings Online. This is the story of how she became a warrior. Thank you to the people who originally made the poem possible to write.

The Loss



She, Nimgalliel, strode to the throne room with the warrior guards,

            summoned by the king. She strode,

            step for step,

            with the King’s heir,

            his son.

Nimgalliel looked round to know she, the only She-Elf in the room,

            had earned the right long ago

            defending the queen

            to be there.

Other females were content in Elfin mysteries:

            they saw fighting as for Elf males to do.

She, Nimgalliel, stood alone, throne right; the King’s son stood to her left,

            her hand on the hilt of her treasured dagger,

            gifted in death throws by her father.

At once, the King strode to the throne; everyone smartly bowed.

She knew that look on his scar worn face: they would all prepare for war.

Chorus– in unison:

She would be a warrior like her father: the Captain of the Royal Guard. The day he and her Elf-mother were slain, they were attacked by an opposing kingdom. Her father fought till he could stand no more. The murderers left them all for dead, but Nimgalliel faked death to live. As the attackers left, she ran to her dying father who took his dagger, thrust it into her imploring hands, and without a sound, she knew her fate. He slipped to the gods, leaving Nimgalliel, the She-Elf, to seek revenge as a Royal Guard. She would prevail, for when any man gloats that he will enjoy killing a woman and her destiny, it is his moment of weakness.


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