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Happy Halloween and sharing a link for a friend…

Good morning everyone. Hope you’re having a good Friday. Happy Halloween. Be safe out there if you’re going to any Halloween parties or taking kids trick or treating tomorrow night.

This is a shout out to my friend Bethanie DeVors Alongi. She participates every year in a gaming marathon to raise money for charity. This  year she’s raising money for her local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Her goal is to raise $500. Here is the link to her donation page if you can donate that would be great if not please share the link with your friends.

Donation Page:


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Sorry everyone :(

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry I’ve not been updating on a regular basis lately. I’m doing many different things right now. I plan to start back updating on a regular basis this week. I’ve finally gotten set up into a new routine that seems to be working right now.  So look for some new updates later this week. 🙂


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LOTRO Poems- Part 6

The Loss



She, Nimgalliel, the She-Elf, commanded,

             “Take the bodies and burn them

             except for the King

            and her regrettable son.

Our Lady will mourn both of them,

             though she knows what happened in truth.

 The Queen will keep face, and keep up appearance,

             for the public,

            in mourning,

            will cease any rumors.”

Nimgalliel thought aloud, “Make sure soldiers speak highly

            of our King’s valiant fight.

He died for the Kingdom, his blood for our right

            to live peacefully free. This truth is our bond.”

The soldier obeyed her and spoke on the move.

             “My Captain, brave Lady, they will understand.”

He turned away, and

             ordered the others to take up the bodies

            and burn them

             save the King and his heir.

The Queen came back.

Nimgalliel tried to stop her

            but she wouldn’t allow it.

“I have to be here. I would  look weak to the kingdom

             if I stayed away.”

She walked all the way

            to the stone bloodied dark.

            She saw her son’s corpse

            lying close to her husband’s.

 “Who slew him?”

Her eyes searched the room, searched her heart, found her soul,

            and before Nimgalliel, could speak,

            the Queen raised her hand to silence all speaking.

She sighed and

            straightened her head, looking proud, “Very well, then.

             It’s done. I have burials to plan, a kingdom to heal.”

 “I lament your loss, my Queen,”

            and the She-Elf kneeled.

“Arise! Thank you! Tell no one yet.

             I need to prepare remembrances

            for the King and his heir.”

She sighed and turned

             to leave, then spoke to Nimgalliel:

“I need your valor, your courage and strength.

            Be my Captain, Nimgalliel, and the Kingdom will


Let no man offend you, let no man pretend

            to give you his honor, but lie in his throat.

Be my Captain, strong warrior, our defender and hope

            for the Kingdom is blessed with your

            dagger and legend. How say you?”

She smiled. The She-Elf confirmed.

Looking back at the queen she worried not,

             about the future of the Kingdom.

She, Nimgalliel, walked into the garden, Captain of the Royal Guard,

             and pulled the dagger from the sheath

            to honor it.

Chorus– in unison:

She was the Captain like her father: of the Royal Guard. This day, the She-Elf Warrior rose to her fate to save the Kingdom, while losing a King.  She had killed the Prince who was too petty to lead.  But, her Queen was saved. Her father had fought till he could stand no more. His murderers left them all for dead, but Nimgalliel faked death no more. As her Kingdom beckoned, she fulfilled her fate; the gods placed a  dagger into her hands, and without remorse, she lived her destiny. She prevailed, for when any man gloats that he will enjoy killing a woman, it heralds his moment of death.










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#IWSG: Stories and then some…..


Thanks to Alex for hosting this each month. Here is the complete list of participants.

The end of September ended on a good note. I was able to get a couple of short stories started as well as a new novel. Have a couple of deadlines coming up soon. Will be finishing those stories soon. Unfortunately, I haven’t really written anything since the first of October. It wasn’t for the lack of wanting to but too many things were working against me.

One of those obstacles was weather related. It has rained since last Friday and dumped any where from 15 to 20 inches of rain. The sun finally made an appearance in the sky today and the rain has finally started to recede some.

I’ve decided the rest of October will be a very good writing time. I’m writing outlines and prepping for NaNo. Have a new Horror/Supernatural I want to get started on and NaNo seems like the perfect time to get it written or at least the first part of it written. 🙂

Look forward to your thoughts and comments. 🙂





LOTRO Poems- Part 5

The Loss



They topped the hill

            and saw the castle under attack.

Everyone moved

             into fighting mode

            and readied to protect their homeland

            and the people within the far walls.

She and some of the others rode on horseback toward the castle,

            cutting down as many of the enemy as they could

            along the way.

She, the She-Elf Warrior, and her troops,

            had the advantage

            of coming from behind the attackers

            to slay them,

            never slowing their steeds.

Nimgalliel, the Captain, and a few of the soldiers

            slid from their horses,

             ran to the castle

            searching for their royalty.

In the throne room they found them,

             and jumped into action

            dispatching many

             while trying to reach the royal family.

A King and Queen must be protected

             at all costs.

She and her Captain

            fought their way

            slaying a pathway

            to their sides.

They reached the King and his Queen

            when things took a turn

            that no one expected.

Their son, the Prince, the heir, their blood,

            her friend,

            turned on them all.

Time tricked her eyes;

             he stabbed the King

            and spun with his sword

             to kill his mother.

She put herself between

             the two and grabbed his wrist

            before he could.

They stared at each other;

            neither one said a word.

She anticipated his lunge and moved out of the way.

She punched with her dagger,

            the hilt hit him square.

He staggered back. Blood  dripped from his nose.

            His mouth took on a sinister grin.

While they fought,

             the queen’s guards

             got her out of the room.

The fight persisted around them.

The Prince’s lust for power,

            premature for his age,

            had brought evil  between the two of them.

He was able to back her

            into a corner

            but that didn’t stop her uncanny defense.

She was hardly afraid;

             she was raised as a warrior.

He  smirked to her face, “I can end this now! “

“That’s not going to happen.

            My gods see your soul.

            You will die in your fantasy,

            hardly a King.”

The Prince parried back, “Fight me more, so yours will be a slow,

            and painful death.”

He gripped her wrists tighter and he tried not to gloat.

            He saw her flinch. “I hope I am hurting you!”

            He enjoyed the sweet taste

            of her coming agony.


He paused to savor his

            imagined strike. In that pause,

            the She-Elf spun to the left,

            her dagger unsheathed,

            her wrists clearly free;

            she found flesh and his neck

            was severed quite cleanly.

His head and his body fell limp to the stone;

            his coup had been thwarted, her anger unleashed;

            his dishonorable patricide, all in one night,

            now undone!

The fighting had ceased; she regretted her anger, not

            her dagger’s arc.

She stood up and looked round the room.

Nearby, a soldier dropped his sword when

            he saw the Captain lying dead on the floor.

The soldier commended her,

            “You did what you should!”

More shouts from the hallway, “We all saw him strike!

            The King was  his mark,

             then went after his mother!”

Nimgalliel lamented, “I shouldn’t have done it, but you are right;

            he gave me no choice.

 I just hope the Queen understands.”

“She will. She saw her son

             kill the King,

             then attack you in force

             when you stepped in front of her to protect her!”



Chorus– in unison:

She would be a Captain like her father: the Captain of the Royal Guard. This day, the She-Elf Warrior rose to her destiny to save the Kingdom, while losing a King.  She had killed the Prince who was too petty to lead.  Her father fought till he could stand no more. His murderers left them all for dead, but Nimgalliel faked death no more. As the Kingdom beckoned, she fulfilled her fate; the gods placed her father’s dagger into her hands, and without a sound, she carried out her fate. She would prevail, for when a petty Prince gloats that he will enjoy killing a woman and her destiny, it is always his moment of death.




















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LOTRO Poems- Part 4

The Loss



Scouts were dispatched; they waited tactically

            without fires so to never divulge their place.

Nimgalliel thought about her initiation:

                        the first time she used her dagger to kill.

She recalled…

While traveling back to the Kingdom, she saw the Queen’s guard

             fighting off attackers

            leaving her open to deadly harm, so

Nimgalliel leapt into the fray to protect her.

Armed with her dagger

            she assessed the attackers

            as they moved toward the Queen.

She squinted at one on her left, then scorned

              one to the right.

“You think that two of you scare me? Think again!”

She lunged like a cat

            at the one on the right,

             used momentum to propel

             toward the one on the left.

Dagger on skin, claws to the bone, two deaths fell hard;

            the cat spun in place, her eyes seeing all.

Men moved, she swiped, she danced up,

            then under

            their thrusts hitting nothing

            but darkness or wind

            as the She-Elf dispatched them

            twice and then thrice; whence,

five were dead at her deftly trained hand.

The Queen grabbed and hugged her

            unusual and loving for her to do

            to a She-Elf warrior.

Nimgalliel tensed at first, then returned the embrace.

 It was over.

The Queen had lost

             many companions

            and most attackers were dead.

The ones that could run, had.

She, Nimgalliel the She-Elf, was commended by the Queen

            who took precious time

            making sure

            her courtesans were well enough

            to move home

            with Nimgalliel as their guard…

Startled out of her thoughts

            her Captain ordered the garrison

             to get ready to move.

While she daydreamed,

             the scouts came back

            with good news:

The advantage was theirs.

The attackers too lean

            in their numbers

            to warrant

            a buildup of troops.

They prepared to attack!

They fanned across the field

            and attacked from four fronts,

            swiftly leaving but one alive

            to take back to the King

            for torture or truth.

“ How easy this battle,” the Captain praised

            his garrison and She-Elf

            every one of them brave.

But, nonetheless,

            she had disobeyed

            a direct order from her King.

Her captain looked down at her

            from his horse, “You are worried

             what will happen when we return?”

“Yes. I disobeyed,

            and punish me, he will,

            to set an example

            no matter how much

            he might care for me

            or my late father’s trust.”

“I’m not sure that will happen.

            He and the Queen

             saw you fall in with us

            and they did not stop you.”

She groaned, “Are you sure?”

He just smiled at her and rode to the front.

She watched him go

            and tried to push the thoughts

            from her head

            that she was falling in love.

Chorus– in unison:

She would not be a She-Elf like her mother. The day her father and her Elf-mother were slain, they were attacked by a jealous kingdom. Her father fought to save his beloved family, till he could stand no more. The murderers left her parents dead, but Nimgalliel faked death to live.  Her mother and father slipped away to the gods, leaving Nimgalliel, their Girl-Elf, to seek revenge as a woman warrior in the King’s Royal Guard. She would prevail, for when any man gloats that he enjoys killing a woman and her destiny, it causes his moment of defeat.













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