#IWSG: NaNo and my writing projects…


Thanks to Alex and co-hosts: Tyrean MartinsonKaren WalkerDenise Covey, and Stephen Tremp

October didn’t start off the way I would’ve liked but we can’t help what happens sometimes. Have a few short stories that I’m writing as well as editing/revising my vampire series and working on the new Fantasy story. Doing research for it has been interesting. I’m outlining a few ideas that I’ll talk about soon. One of them is that I’m thinking about using the Fantasy series as the backdrop for the Fantasy game I want to create. Posting video updates is something else I’m thinking about as well. Will talk about these more in a later post.

November has started and NaNo is here. I’m using NaNo to write a FanFic story based on The Hobbit/LOTR. I have original characters as well as characters from the movies in it. I decided to make NaNo as stress free as possible this year because of all the other writing I do everyday on my more original stories. 🙂
One thing I’ve done is come up with my theme for the A to Z challenge next year. Now all I need to do is start working on the posts so they are ready. Have shelved a couple of projects because the story idea wasn’t going anywhere after the first couple of chapters. That’s it for now. Look forward to your comments.


10 thoughts on “#IWSG: NaNo and my writing projects…

    1. Hi Michala, thanks. you too. The A to Z challenge happens in April every year. You start on April 1st with the letter A and end on the last day of the month with Z. You post every day except Sundays. You can write your posts around a theme like your favorite monsters, movie characters, etc. My themes have been about the supernatural and LOTR/Hobbit. Here is the link to the site. http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ 🙂

  1. Love the idea of a game based on your fantasy series. Consider making it focused on education. Those are quite popular right now with not enough offerings. Something that teaches problem solving, logic, coding, science–my students love all of those couched in fantasy.

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