Forsaken Times(New game & book series)

I wanted to introduce everyone to the world of Forsaken Times (title may likely change). Suggestions welcome. 🙂 Things like maps will be in later posts.

The plan is to have a  Fantasy based game that is MMORPG. There will be novels/short stories to go along with it as well as some other neat items that I’m thinking about doing. The plot/basis of the books and having them tied to the game is one of Lord of The Rings meets The Hunger Games. There will be an arena (labyrinth) located in one of the kingdoms and the contestants have different things that they have to do to be able to move on. There will be some not so nice characters along the way trying to stop them from reaching their goal.

So, here are some of the possible locations in the world:

Indria- This will be the name of the world

Ertunland- One of the kingdoms/regions in Indria

Apa- Another kingdom/region

Eniway- A kingdom/region

Irrioway- This will be a deserted or not so deserted kingdom where the evil creatures have taken up residence.

There will be other kingdoms/regions added as I go. These are just some of the ones that I’ve been working on so far. 🙂

Let me know what you think and feel free to make suggestions. 🙂

More posts next week. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be safe out there.


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