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Of Scions and Men by Courtney Sloan Review

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.




Of Scions and Men by Courtney Sloan

Curiosity Quills Press


Geopolitical babysitting while arresting preternatural killers, it’s just the daily grind for Scion Rowan Brady. Brash and sarcastic, Rowan has sold her life, her career and her very blood to the controlling paranormal ruling class of America, all to make sure her kid brother can eat. Now she uses her powers as a scion to kick the ass of any preternatural creature idiotic enough to break the rules and prey upon humanity without a license. All it costs her is her freedom and a pint or two per week to her new Master.

But juggling her job and duties becomes even tougher when she is tasked with keeping a contingency of diplomats from Canada from getting gnawed on. However, negotiations for an International Blood Exchange are interrupted when bodies start showing up.

Now Rowan must rely on her talent and wit to defend the society she despises to save the lives she’s sworn to protect. But as she stumbles into the truth, she chances becoming a target of not only these killers, but of her own government. With shifters, ghosts, vampires and psychics all watching her, can she stop the killings before she is silenced?

Release Date: February 22, 2016

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My Review:

It was a good read. I couldn’t put it down. I like the characters and world that Courtney has created. It has some great twists and turns. Readers will be drawn into the story from the first page. Readers who like Dark Fantasy will want to add this one to their TBR list. I look forward to reading more of Courtney’s books.


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Gyre (The Atlas Link #1) by Jessica Gunn Review

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

vortex in a column of water



GYRE by Jessica Gunn

Curiosity Quills Press


Chelsea didn’t try to teleport. All she wanted was to play the Battle of the Bands show. But after accidentally teleporting onto classified Navy vessel SeaSatellite5, all she’s rocking is the boat. Once it’s sorted out that Chelsea’s not a threat, SeaSat5’s top scientist offers Chelsea a position on the crew as an archaeology intern. Dr. Saint studies people with powers, believing them to be descendants of Atlantean refugees, except Chelsea’s powers are beyond anything on previous record.

While great for everyone else onboard, the miracle of Chelsea is Trevor’s worst nightmare. The same girl who’d given him a brief lifeline to sanity three months ago literally fell from the sky, under a mile of ocean, and onto the very station where he’s employed. Making matters worse, Trevor’s family are Lemurians, Atlantis’s enemy, and Chelsea’s presence is unpredicted—a wrench in an already unstable situation. But Trevor wants no part of his family’s war. The only thing he wants is Chelsea, Atlantean or not.

Days into Chelsea’s sudden appearance, SeaSatellite5 uncovers Atlantean ruins and a massive artifact cache, placing its entire, hundred-man crew in the crosshairs of an ancient war. There are those who want the Atlantean relics inside the ruins destroyed, and only Trevor knows the treasures for what they really are: Link Pieces, tools used by the ancient civilizations for their time-travel war.

With lies and shifting alliances abound, Chelsea and Trevor will have to think fast in order to save the station. If they don’t, the Lemurians will seize the artifacts and Atlantis will be destroyed forever.

Release Date: February 1, 2016

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My Review:

I couldn’t put it down. I really like the characters and world that Jessica created. It has some great twists and turns. Readers will be drawn into the story from the very first page. Readers who like time travel novels will want to put this one on their TBR list. I look forward to reading more of Jessica’s books.

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Virtual Fantasy Con 2016

Hi everyone, this is a list of the different things that will be happening at VFC in October. The con takes places October 9th-16th. Here is the link for the website as well.

VIRTUAL FANTASYCON is returning in October 2016. Mark it on your calendar. A call for Authors of HORROR / FANTASY / SCIENCE FICTION




Book Services(editors/reviewers)


Vendors (People who sellitems at Con fests – jewellery/bookmarks/tote bags/keyrings/tshirts/bookrelated products.

Featured Booths include:

A Cosplay booth with adaily prize bundle for a best Cosplay selfie and a Grand Prize at the end ofthe week.

A Blog Hop Hunt withprize bundles to win.

Booths and an Author’sCache sale booth


An event page: TheReader’s Corner with readers voting for the Best of FantasyCon Awards.

Panel Discussions viaYoutube.

Sun Oct 9 – Epic/Sword&n Sorcery (include High Fantasy)

Mon Oct 10 – Sci-Fi / SciFantasy / Time-Travel

Tue Oct 11 – Fairytale /Punk (includes all versions of Punk)

Wed Oct 12 – Paranormal /Urban

Thurs Oct 13 – Series /Short Stories (includes all subgenres of FantasyCon)

Fri Oct 14 – Dystopian /Apocalyptic

Sat Oct 15 – Dark /Grimdark / Horror

Sun Oct 16 – Children’s /YA Fantasy

Sign up Booth Holder Form

Donation Form

VFC Blog Hop Hunt Form

All guests and boothholders can now attend a convention from the comfortable surrounds of their ownhome. Just think, no paying for car parking, no huge crowds and best of all youhave a whole week to pop in and out of the 8 day event to chat with any BoothHolders you like.

Keep your eye on theprize and look out for news by visiting this page –


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#IWSG: Events and Writing


Insecure Writers Support Group Badge

Thanks to Alex for hosting this each month. Here is the complete list of participants.

January has come to an end and I was able to accomplish writing at least 20k on a new story, started rewriting the vampire series, jotted down notes on some of the others. I went through my story ideas file and found a couple of plots I really want to work on in the near future. So, I starterd working on outlines for those for when I’m ready to work on them. I’ve found my writing has greatly improved since I’ve started writing on a daily basis. I write articles for two other sites as well as coming up with posts for this one and working on my stories and that is fun.


I have two events coming up this year that I’m looking forward to being involved in. The first one happens in March and the second one happens in October. The first one is a book signing (meet and greet) for local authors being held at a branch of the local library. It’s going to be so much fun and I’ll post pics from the event. 🙂

The second one is Virtual Fantasy Con. It happens in October. This one is going to be fun as well. I found out about it last year and checked out some of things they had going on and liked it. So, it was an easy decision to sign up for this year’s event. I will share more about this in other post so I can share more about it.

There’ll be a couple of more posts this week. So, be looking for them. Have a great day. 🙂