Virtual Fantasy Con 2016

Hi everyone, this is a list of the different things that will be happening at VFC in October. The con takes places October 9th-16th. Here is the link for the website as well.

VIRTUAL FANTASYCON is returning in October 2016. Mark it on your calendar. A call for Authors of HORROR / FANTASY / SCIENCE FICTION




Book Services(editors/reviewers)


Vendors (People who sellitems at Con fests – jewellery/bookmarks/tote bags/keyrings/tshirts/bookrelated products.

Featured Booths include:

A Cosplay booth with adaily prize bundle for a best Cosplay selfie and a Grand Prize at the end ofthe week.

A Blog Hop Hunt withprize bundles to win.

Booths and an Author’sCache sale booth


An event page: TheReader’s Corner with readers voting for the Best of FantasyCon Awards.

Panel Discussions viaYoutube.

Sun Oct 9 – Epic/Sword&n Sorcery (include High Fantasy)

Mon Oct 10 – Sci-Fi / SciFantasy / Time-Travel

Tue Oct 11 – Fairytale /Punk (includes all versions of Punk)

Wed Oct 12 – Paranormal /Urban

Thurs Oct 13 – Series /Short Stories (includes all subgenres of FantasyCon)

Fri Oct 14 – Dystopian /Apocalyptic

Sat Oct 15 – Dark /Grimdark / Horror

Sun Oct 16 – Children’s /YA Fantasy

Sign up Booth Holder Form

Donation Form

VFC Blog Hop Hunt Form

All guests and boothholders can now attend a convention from the comfortable surrounds of their ownhome. Just think, no paying for car parking, no huge crowds and best of all youhave a whole week to pop in and out of the 8 day event to chat with any BoothHolders you like.

Keep your eye on theprize and look out for news by visiting this page –


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