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#atozchallenge: Dreams, Dropbox

D 2016

Today’s topics are good ones. I want to talk a little bit about dreams and how I as a writer have a few ideas from them. For me the more vivid the dream is the more I remember about it. I’ll write down everything about the dream and especially will make note if I’ve had the same dream several times with the same characters. The characters will sometimes be in the same location for several dreams or they might go one location to another as they try to make me realize it’s their story and they want it told using one or both of the locations. The Vampires of New Orleans and The Silvercreek Pack series (shapeshifters) plots were formed from dreams I had.

Another one is a tool I use and I’m sure a lot of you do as well and that’s dropbox. I’ve recently started using it and am glad I did. I backup all of the copies I create of a story whether it’s the original copy or a copy I’m revising. I’ll give them file names that reflect the status of that copy. Dropbox is just of the few backup locations I use. I use google docs. One reason I’m glad to have dropbox is that I recently got a new desktop computer and I was able to load my scrivener projects back to scrivener without any problems. So, now I don’t have to spend hours typing everything back in. 🙂

Look forward to your comments. 🙂



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