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#IWSG: Camp NaNo


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Thanks to Alex for hosting this each month. Here is the complete list of participants.

Spent the first weekend of April moving files and programs to a new computer. Any new writing didn’t happen until Monday. Luckily, I didn’t set the word count for Camp NaNo high so meeting the goal is still doable. Have gotten into a routine that works and everything is flowing as it should. Will be finishing up the A to Z challenge posts as the month progresses. Those are the one thing I didn’t get done during March but that’s okay.  I have a few new short stories that I need to finish and one that needs to be edited so it can be submitted but I have some time on that one. Will be updating the blog more often as well with updates about the writing and other projects I have going on.

Good luck to everyone participating in Camp NaNo and the A to Z challenge. 🙂

Look forward to your comments. 🙂





#atozchallenge: Evernote

E 2016

Another tool I use is Evernote. Like dropbox I started using this one recently as well. Before using either one of them I didn’t back up files like I should have and paid the consequences of not doing so. I learned my lesson about that and now everything is sent to at least three different backup locations I use. I use Evernote mainly to keep track of ideas, notes, and research I find when I’m online. I definitely like to be organized and be able to find things I’ve looked at and were interested in without having to do a search on the topic again. I will admit one thing about myself and that’s I thought I was organized because I had post-it notes and stacks of folders sitting everywhere but Evernote makes it a lot easier to be organized and have things where I can find them quickly. I still do have post-it notes and folders though sitting on a table I use as a writing area and that’ because I still like to write long hand sometimes when working on a story especially if a thought or idea hits me and I can’t be at my computer for some reason.


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