#atozchallenge: Indria

I 2016

I couldn’t decide what I wanted to talk about with this one. I was going to talk about Instagram but then decided you would like to read about the world that Aleesia the mc for my fantasy novel lives in. So, I introduce you to the world called Indria. It is home to the kingdoms of Apa, Illance, Ata, Ertunland, Eniway, and Irrioway. The largest kingdoms/regions are Illance, Ertunland, and Eniway. The smallest are Apa and Ata. The kingdom of Irrioway is a kingdom of old and has been taken over by the forces of evil. Indria is home to many different races including Elves, Dwarves, Fairies, and Humans. There are a few more races included but those will be revealed as time goes. Indria has plush green rolling hills, snow covered mountains, green valleys, large clear lakes, and rivers. The kingdoms/regions are spread out. A few are close to each other but not many. Aleesia lives in the kingdom/region of Eniway.

Look forward to your comments. Also, if you think one of the other regions might suit as a better name for the world please let me know. Always open to suggestions. 🙂



6 thoughts on “#atozchallenge: Indria

  1. Andrea @ Maybe It's Just Me

    It fascinates me…how much imagination this all takes to come up with. Happy a-z!

    1. Hi Andrea, world building has always fascinated me. I love creating the worlds that are in my stories. I plan to create more posts as time goes about the places my characters live. 🙂

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