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#atozchallenge: Naming characters and locations

N 2016

Good morning everyone. Naming characters and your fictional locations can sometimes be a hard thing to do. For me, sometimes the character’s name and the world they are going to live in just pop into my head. When that happens it’s easy to start writing the story. Other times, I find myself starting at the page in the notebook I use or the page open on the computer screen and nothing will come to me. Those are the times I’ll go to things like random name generators, random town generators, and so on. Those type of things have helped me even if I already have a character name and don’t have a world name. For example, the characters from the vampire series I used the name generator on scrivener to come up those and the ones for the shapeshifter series. The new epic fantasy series I used a random fantasy name generator to come up with that main character’s name after getting a list of unique her name was on the top of the list.

Look forward to your comments about the methods you use to name your characters and the worlds they live in. 🙂


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