#atozchallenge: Query Letters

Q 2016


Writing query letters is the one of the things that outside of writing the book is probably the hardest to do. The other would be the synopsis of the story. Query letters are only one page and you have to leave this out or add that and tell them what the story is about in a paragraph or two. I feel like if you go past one paragraph you may repeat yourself without realizing it. If I had to I could describe a story’s hook in one paragraph. Here are a few links to articles I’ve found helpful as well links to a couple of books.

The first one is an article written by Jane Friedman

The next one is an article written by Rachelle Gardner

The last one is an article on QueryShark

The two books are:

How to Write Irresistible Query Letters

The Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters

Look forward to your comments 🙂


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