The Tales of Ollundra Anthology


I met one of the authors, Craig Teal recently through a Facebook group we both belong to.  We started talking about another project he is planning that I hope to be part of in the future. I found out about this awesome project and how much work and dedication all the authors have put into it.

The Tales of Ollundra Anthology are stories based around the universe featured in Composite Studios upcoming table top game The Chronicles of Ollundra. It gives readers a look at the world and introduces key characters and themes that will be later developed into the game.

The series is set in a fantasy world like most RPGs and has the all things that players love about a fantasy RPG.

Each story is written by a different author and follows the different characters like Angweneth the Ranger.

The team also intends to create an audio book to partner with the Anthology novel. The kickstarter campaign started on July 6 , 2016.



From the samples I’ve seen on the campaign page I’m getting really excited about the project. I wish them all the luck in the world with the project.


If you would like to learn more about this project and the company please do visit their website.

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