Daily Archives: 09/07/2016

#IWSG: Writing


Insecure Writers Support Group Badge

Thanks to Alex for hosting this each month. Here is the complete list of participants.

It’s been a busy time for me the last few months. I’ve been helping to put a blog tour together that happens at the end of this month. Putting one together is hard work but a learning experience at the same time for if I ever want to do one of my own. Which I will admit it has given me some possible ideas for the future. 🙂

Writing is going good. I’ve finally put the projects in the order of what needs to be finished first due to deadlines that I have given myself. Having deadlines has made me feel more accountable and writing is getting done.

Have started working on potential ideas for next year’s A to Z challenge. This time I’m going to make sure I have all the posts written at least before April. If I can get that part of it done then the scheduling will be easy.

That’s it for now. Look forward to your comments. 🙂