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#IWSG: Goals 2017


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Thanks to Alex for hosting this each month. Here is the complete list of participants.

January has started off great. I’ve added a little over 1000 new words to the short story that I’m turning into a full length. Also, have decided on my theme and  started the posts for this year’s A to Z challenge.

Now for goals that I hope to accomplish this year:

  1. Finish rewriting/revising my vampire series
  2. Finish adapting Town Curse into a full length novel (hope to have this one done in the next couple of months)
  3. Finish writing the first book of the Fantasy series
  4. Finish the first book of the shapeshifter series
  5. Outline some other story ideas I’ve been wanting to write
  6. Get blog posts planned for the year. Have cool ideas I might try this year. I want to add videos and other content like images, maps of the fantasy world(s) I’m creating. More about the game I’m thinking about. The game is back at stage one because I found I didn’t like the idea I had originally. One of the things I’m thinking about doing as far as videos go is posting videos that I’m thinking about creating while I’m playing Lord of The Rings Online. I’ve recently decided to possibly start live streaming while in game and would love to share the videos here for everyone to see. 🙂
  7. Learn a program or a new skill.
  8. Create some podcasts
  9.  Possibly put together an anthology
  10. Interact more than I do right now on social media especially here and my facebook page. 🙂

I know some of these are more doable than others and that’s okay. I hope to get some of them accomplished. It would be nice to get them all accomplished but there’s not enough hours in the day. 🙂

Look forward to your comments. 🙂