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Cover Reveal: Welcome to The Apocalypse by DL Richardson


 by D L Richardson

For fans of Robopocalypse, The Hunger Games, Ready Player One, World War Z


Book details

Format:                Ebook and print

ASIN:                   B06XQRGG82

Release date:     June 8, 2017

Genre:                 apocalyptic sci-fi

Similar titles

The Hunger Games, Ready Player One, Robopocalypse

Reviews for “Welcome to the Apocalypse – Pandora” (BK1)
“From the very first to the last page, the story is emotionally charged, the action intense, and the conflict driving the plot forward.” – Readers Favorite

“The suspense is biting and the reader can feel the pulse of the characters. From the very first to the last page, the story is emotionally charged, the action intense, and the conflict driving the plot forward.” – Arya Fomonyuy for Readers’ Favorite

“The concept and plot was so different to any dystopian novel I’ve ever come across. It wasn’t exactly Terminator, with robots rising up to kill humans, but more like Star Trek-type technology becoming sentient and killing humans.” Rachel Sawyer Diaries


Getting out of the game used to be all that mattered. Now all that matters is getting back in.

In book one players were trapped in a virtual game. Finally rescued, they’re taken to an offsite facility where they’ll spend a few weeks recovering from muscle dystrophy and cyber sickness. But not everyone survived.

Not only do Kelly, Jack, and Reis have to cope with the deaths of players they’ve come to respect and love, they’ll have to cope with the reason behind the computer malfunction. All the fingers are pointing at the game’s creator, CyberNexis.

If you like exciting twists and complex characters, and if fun and entertaining reads are what you’re after, then you’ll enjoy this second installment in the Welcome to the Apocalypse series.

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Author bio

D L Richardson likes many things, reality isn’t one of them. She writes Science-Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy. She lives in Australia with her husband and dog.

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