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#IWSG: Writing….


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So sorry this is getting posted so late today. Didn’t realize that we were posting a day early because of the 4th being tomorrow. Hope everyone has a safe and fun July 4th tomorrow.

Classes are ending this week and my next term starts in two weeks. Will be doing a lot of writing on Town Curse when classes start next term as it is my thesis project. All other writing is going well. Have a new project that I’m outlining right now.

I’m planning to rewrite the vampire series and the shapeshifter series because I’m taking those in a little different direction story wise. This is the plan I have for those two series. The vampire series will be one series, the shapeshifter series will be a series, there is a new elemental series as well, and Witches of Raven’s Nest which Town Curse is book one will be a series but they will be interwoven as far as characters and overall story arc.  The plan I have for them is that they will tell the individual series stories but the characters will be introduced in one of the books from one of the other series and then that character’s story will continue in the series they belong in.

My plan is to publish those under the pen name because I have decided I would like to have everything I write from this point on under the pen name other than a few things unless I can work it out where they can be listed under the pen name but one of those projects won’t be being published until next year any way so I have time to get with the other people involved in it and find out how to go about doing that.

I also plan to start updating the pen name blog and here on a more regular basis. I plan to make some changes to this one and make it a more general blog about writing, my writing updates, and writing related topics in general. I will be leaving up the page where the two short stories that are already published are located.

Look forward to your comments:)