#IWSG: Writing and Changes


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Thanks to Alex for hosting this each month. Here is the complete list of participants.

Edits and revisions are back on track. Had to get away from the story for a little while. As you may have noticed there have been some changes happening on here in the last few weeks as well. I’ve decided to just stick to my real name for writing both freelance and creative. I’ll be closing the Jordyn Elliot site today. Although I will keep the name on the list for the future if I decide to use a pen name.

It was  a decision that was made after talking with a few friends in the industry and voicing my concerns about keeping up with both while trying to build their audiences. So, with that said be ready for new and fun things to be posted on a more regular basis.

That’s it for now. Look forward to your comments. 🙂


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