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Ytherynia Anthology Release Date

You can now reserve your copy of the anthology today!

Meet all the different species as they try to survive their first year! The magical island of Ytherynia is home to the greatest magical academy in all the realms. The Gifted Blood Academy is the school every magical student wants to attend. It is the only school where students from a variety of species can mingle and learn together.

Diversity and tolerance are the cornerstones of the academy, but things start to disintegrate when inter-species infighting and disharmony start spreading, not to mention the strange disappearances.

Can the students overcome the division of their social upbringing and embrace the harmony intended for them? Or will the prejudices of teachers and students alike crumble the foundations of the Gifted Blood Academy and bring ruin for all?

Freshman year has never been so unpredictable.


Coming this December!

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Hi everyone,

I can’t believe it’s November. I have been so busy with writing and school the last few months. I’ve went back to school to get my English degree. I started in September. It’s been interesting taking American and British Literature classes and trying to meet the writing deadlines while writing papers and other assignments.

Good news Immortal Gift will be going to the editor this week. Then I’m taking a break for a few days from writing and classes are to the point where I’m caught up and only have to revise my final papers for the two classes. So, I’m using NaNo to get some words done on other projects before my next term starts.

That’s it for now. Look forward to reading your comments. 🙂